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Decorate your Kitchen with Cutting Boards

Save the drawer storage for your plastic cutting boards and let your wooden cutting boards shine as part of your kitchen décor! Here are a few easy ways to incorporate your boards into your everyday design:

Layered Cutting Boards

If you have watched any HGTV home design shows or followed interior design blogs in the last year or so, you know that layered cutting boards are trending in kitchen décor. They can add a warm rustic feel or a sleek, modern look to your counter space.

When creating this look, casually lean boards against the wall and group them in a way that looks intentional and incorporate a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Here I have paired our rustic walnut paddle charcuterie board with our small walnut “suitcase” cutting board. The maple cutting board adds a contrast to the two walnut boards, with its light color and sharper lines.

Maple and walnut cutting boards layered on top of one another, on a kitchen counter. To the left is a plant and bottles on a white cake stand.

You can also play with patterns and shapes to create visual interest as well. Here we have combined a patterned face-grain cutting board with our small maple “suitcase” cutting board, and our Scandinavian-inspired teardrop charcuterie board.

Of course, if counter space is at a premium, you can always think vertically when it comes to your cutting boards.

Wall Art

Your cutting and charcuterie boards can do double-duty as functional wall art in your kitchen design. Using different sizes and shapes adds visual interest to your walls and the bonus? Your boards are still easily accessible!

Again by pairing contrasting shapes and sizes, like our walnut paddle and hickory charcuterie boards, you can create eye-catching, functional wall art in your kitchen.

Centerpieces and risers

Another easy way to incorporate cutting boards into your kitchen décor is to use them as risers or trays to bring a little warmth to your countertop.

Our walnut cutting board adds a little punch to the counter. We've paired it with the white pitcher for height and the succulent adds softness and life. Below we've used a round board to create functional art by combining it with our wooden spoon holder an a purple succulent for a pop of color.

Visit our shop today and bring home your own functional wall art!


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